Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Halo Legends Movie Review

Had a chance to checkout an early copy of Halo Legends and can sum it up in a very brief outline. If you are passionate for Halo you might like this. If you love Japanese anime you might like this. If you have no love for either which is my case you will likely find this cash in on the Halo franchise really really boring.

Halo legends is an 8 episode anthology with each episode running 8 to 10 minutes in length. Its entire focus is on Halo the game but in telling the stories we have not heard yet from playing the games. I see Halo Legend as one of those movies that will truly appeal to the die hard halo gamer or fans of anime. Since I never understood the fascination with Halo ( I am more a Fallout / Gears of War guy ) I was not drawn into Halolegends.

I found it long, tedious and frankly.. quite boring. Admittedly the visual look of each episode of Halo Legends was quite unique and at times the anthology was very creative and entertaining but at other times it bored me to the point where I almost wallpapered my bathroom.

Halo Legends was compared to the Animatrix and Batman Gotham Knight and as somebody who has seen both I unfortunately have to report that HaloLegends is neither as good or as entertaining. Buy it only if your a die hard Halo fan who appreciates the fine art of Japanese Anime otherwise your money is better spent elsewhere.

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